Conversions Specialists Around The World

RSConversions is franchising with trusted-skilled luthier's in different countries to carry out full conversions.

During the past couple of years, we have recruited from around the world, the most talented, skilled and trustworthy luthier's we could find. Each are experienced RS setup techs and are familiar with all the little quirks when it comes to doing a proper setup. Each are individually trained by Woody and are supplied all tooling, 'custom-tooling', and all other tools needed to do a proper Conversion. After being walked thru two or more perfect conversions, they are fully approved as part of the vast RSConversion and Cyber Shop family. As fully authorized RS Conversion Luthiers, only RSC plastics, and Cyber Shop parts are used. Because they only use our parts combined with the same tooling and techniques provided by RSC and The Cyber Shop, their work is fully backed by a 100% guarantee/warranty. The same as we at RSConversions and The Cyber Shop offer all our customers. Their customers ARE our customers too. Check them out in a country near YOU!!! Our conversion locations are:

(United States) Woody Thomas Email:

(United Kingdom) (Manchester) James W. Email:

(United Kingdom) (Wigan)  Richard T. Email:

(United Kingdom) (Coming Soon) TBA

(Germany) Daniel Schippers Email:

(Australia) Ralph Diquattro Email:

(Spain)  Juan Iscla  Email:

(Brazil)  Alexandre Cesar Email:

(Italy)Amendeo Lippolis Email:

(Canada) David Kendall Email:

(France) Alexandre Bourdonnais 


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