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 We in New England (those that survived the 70's) rate things on a "wicked" scale. As in "wicked good", would be high praise. In reference to the product you provided "wicked pissa" would express the highest form of praise. I am just blown away with the quality of the Pickguard set you provided. You are a true craftsman and I appreciate all of your hard work.

Thank you.

Deepest Regards,
Bruce A.

Thanks for your prompt reply and recommendations, your prices are reasonable for custom made hardware.



 Hi, just wondering if you had a chance to ship the trem? 



Many thanks,
 I received the arm today, it's beautiful! Thank you very much! Very authentic, there's no difference between the one on the Super and yours.
Thanks once again!
Best regards,

Hi Woody,

I recieved yesterday the plastic kit. It's simply perfect. The conversion will start next Monday.
  Hi, I'm from Germany and have been searching for a long time for a way to rebuild my Burns Red Special so that it looks like a real RS. And now I've discovered your site and I'm impressed.


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